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Loving Hong Kong – Checking into Harbour Plaza Resort City, Tasting Yummy Beef Noodle & Lao Po Bing, & Shopping in Ladies Street

Filed Under (China, Cuisines, Hong Kong, Shopping, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 03-06-2008

“Hey Janet, your Hotel bus is here” – our Hong Kong travel agent told Dear & I as we were waiting in the Passenger Pick-up area in the Hong Kong International Airport.

Dear & I would be staying in the Harbour Plaza Resort City for our 3 nights in Hong Kong, & its bus has come very punctually, at 1pm, for just the 2 of us!

Our travelling luggages seated inside the Hotel bus :

Wow, the bus was very clean!! And Dear & I had the whole bus to ourselves heehee!!

Dear seated inside the bus :

Such a tired sleepy looking Me – no choice cos I only slept for about 2 hours last night in Beijing haha!! But I was feeling great cos I love being in Hong Kong!!

And I even had much energy to snap many photo shots during our bus journey from the Airport, crossing the beautiful Tsing Ma Bridge & Ting Kau Bridge, to Harbour Plaza Resort City – here they are, in the below Slildeshow :

The bus ride was very comfortable & Dear & I really enjoyed the beautiful sceneries along our 1 hour journey to the Harbour Plaza Resort City, located in Tin Shui Wai, in the Northwestern part of New Territories :

Harbour Plaza Resort City Pamphlet :

Dear & I checked into our Room No 2127 at Tower A of the Harbour Plaza Resort City :

Wow what a big spacious beautiful cosy Room - Dear & I were very excited upon seeing our huge Room - just like a small Studio Apartment!!

Our room comes with a small Kitchenette, complete with a Microwave Oven, Hotplate, & a Sink! How cool!! And me being a cooking lover, immediately told Dear I could always scoop up something great in this kitchenette if we’ve got the time to stay in the next 3 days!!

The cosy Living area with very comfortable sofa :

The Dinning area with the Bedroom behind :

The very comfortable cosy bedroom with stunning views of Tin Shui Wai :

Our babies Smartie & Sparkie were already settled in cosily wih their 2 newfound friends from Beijing  – Yingying & Huanhuan :

More photos of our Room are shown below in the Slideshow :

The time was almost 2.30pm & Dear & I had not had our lunch - so we tucked into our 2 Rice Dumplings which we bought on our last night in Beijing when we dined in the “The Single Place” (Diyichu) Restaurant! 

2 Flavours of our Rice Dumpling – Pork, & Red Bean Paste :

Very good!! The Rice Dumplings were still very fresh & yummy!! Not a surprise as we’d enjoyed & loved all the other ala carte Cuisines which we ordered in the “Diyichu” Restaurant!!

After filling up our tummies a little, Dear & I decided to go downtown Hong Kong for shopping & more eating of course!! We took the following Hong Kong Tourist Map & went downstairs!!

Once at the Hotel lobby, we checked out the schedule of the Hotel Shuttle Bus to Tsim Sha Tsui, upon which we took the below cards from the Hotel for reference :

Dear & I managed to make it on time for the 3pm Shuttle Bus - it cost us 8 HK dollars per person per way.

Below Slideshow contains photos of us leaving Harbour Plaza Resort City & outside the Hotel, & some taken from our bus ride just outside the Hotel :

It took Dear & I one hour to reach Tsim Sha Tsui, which is located in Kowloon. Though it sounded a little far, it was ok for us cos we both enjoyed seeing the beautiful sceneries of the sea, mountains & buildings along the journey, & taking naps in between cos the bus ride was really comfortable!

We got off the Bus at “The Peninsula Hotel” at Tsim Sha Tsui & started walking uptown. And we were glad to pass by the below Chinese Medical Hall which has got the Chinese Medicine that Dad has asked me to help him buy! 

While in China, Dear & I had asked our Beijing tour guide Wang Jing & tried looking for it at the Medical Halls at Wangfujing Street etc, but none of them had any idea what I was talking about, cos I only knew the Medicine name by Hokkien, & just translated it in Chinese as “Lu Shen Yuen”, which was not very accurate cos the actual Chinese name of the Medicine (which I later found out here) is “Lu Shenwan”.

Anyway, in this above Chinese Medical Hall in Hong Kong, the boss happened to know how to speak Hokkien & how nice to meet someone speaking my own Dialet in a foreign country! In fact, it was Dear & my first time hearing a Hongkonger speak Hokkien!! And it so happened that this Boss knew which medicine I was referring to & he had it too!! I was so delighted & bought 10 packs of them – packed in the white with red prints paper as shown below :

The Chinese Medicine “Lu Shenwan” in packed forms below – this Medicine comes in a very small black container in very very tiny Black tablets & they’re good for sore throats especially. I still remember Mom would give me 10 of these tiny Black tablets to eat & drink with plain water whenever I had sore throats when I was a very small girl! Then I was really amused by them, & as I was swallowing them, I often wondered in awe how these 10 tiny little tablets could cure my pain heehee!!

The name cards of the Chinese Medical Hall :

Then as Dear & I left the Chinese Medical Hall, we noticed the opposite “Cha Chan Ting” (meaning Tea House) selling Beef Noodles & it seemed pretty good!! Both Dear & I love Beef Noodles so we decided to drop by the Tea House!!

The small “Cha Chan Ting” was filled with all locals except Dear & I, & we sat down with the below very doting & loving daughter & mommy – making me feel so warm & at home, & missing Mom too!!

The chilies & spices on our table, with the Tea House Menus tucked underneath the table glass top : 

Hong Kong Tea House

My ”All Mixture Beef Noodle Soup” - Beef Stripes, Beef Tendons & Beef with Rice Noodles (or Kway Tiao) in Soup, garnished with Lettuce & diced Spring Onions :

Very very delicious – all the Beef parts were well prepared & so tender, & the soup simply yummy!!

Dear’s huge handmade Fish Balls & Beef Balls with Kway Tiao Soup, also topped with Lettuce & Spring Onions - equally superb!! The Balls were fresh & really springy & tasty - very nice!! 

Dear & I had a wonderful meal – though simple in appearance, the Beef Noodles were really very good!! And we’ve never tasted such delicious Beef Noodles in Singapore!!

Leaving the Tea House now :

See the huge pot of Beef parts : 

Dear & I continued walking around Tsim Sha Tsui :

Then we decided to take a Train to Yau Ma Tai Station from Tsim Sha Tsui, cos we wana go buy “Lao Po Bing” (or “Old Wife Biscuit”) in this particular Shop which we like! “Lao Po Bing” is a very famous traditional Chinese pastry made of Winter Melon & Almond Paste, from the Tang Dynasty over 2000 years ago.

The last time Dear & I came to Hong Kong, I met up with my good ex-university Hong Kee friend who brought us to this particular Shop that sells great “Lao Mo Bing”.

I still remember it was our last night in Hong Kong when I told this friend of mine nicknamed Father Gary that I wanted to buy “Lao Po Bing” back home to Singapore! The time was almost 9.30pm & all the shops were closing!! But Father Gary was so nice he immediately called this “Lao Po Bing” Shop to inform them that we were coming to buy the Biscuits & asked them to wait for us!!

And YES, we really made it to the Shop to buy the freshiest & most delicious aromatic soft in the inside yummy “Lao Mo Bing”!! Thanks to Father Gary, that “Lao Po Bing” was the best ones that Dear & I have ever eaten!! And from then onwards, we only like the “Lao Po Bing” from this particular Shop!!

That was more than 3 years ago that we’d eaten that ”Lao Po Bing”, but we could still rememeber how good it tasted!!! So this time that Dear & I were in Hong Kong again, we told ourselves that we would definitely only buy the “Lao Po Bing” from this particular Shop!

- Dear buying our Train Tickets :

Hong Kong MTR Map, with the different Tourist Attractions at the different Stations :

Inside Tsim Sha Tsui MTR Station platform waiting for our Train to Yau Ma Tei :

Dear & I took the Train from Tsim Sha Tsui to Yau Ma Tai & started walking towards Mong Kok direction where that “Lao Po Bing” Shop is located – & we were just walking on the side streets by the road, along with huge crowds of people, locals as well as tourists, when Dear suddenly shouted “Hey Dear Dear, that’s the Shop!!!” Haha Dear was so smart he actually spotted the pretty small Shop while walking in the midst of the crowds!!

It was a Saturday, no wonder there were so many extra people – locals plus tourists!! For me I was just getting so blur & tired from seeing so many people around me - if not for Dear, I was very sure we would have missed the Shop & just walked past it!!

2 Legends of the Lao Po Bing :

Once there was a young loving Couple who lived a very poor life in a small Village in Imperial China. Suddenly there was a spread of disease, & the Husband’s father became very sick. The Couple spent all their money treating the father, but he was still sick. So the Wife sold herself as a Slave in exchange for money to buy medicine for her father-in-law. Once the Husband knew about what she had done, he made a Cake filled with Winter Melon with a crispy crust. His Cake became very popular that he was able to earn enough money to buy his Wife back.

The 2nd Legend is that Once a Man was eating at someone’s house & recognised his Wife’s Pastry & was reunited with her.

Well, the crowds were getting bigger when we bought our “Lao Po Bing” from the “Heng Xiang Lao Bing Jia” (or Heng Heung Cake Shop – Perpetually Aromatic Old Cake Shop) we noticed even many locals came to buy alot too!! Told you this particular Shop sells great “Lao Po Bing”, besides many other types of pastries & cookies!! I later found out that this Shop is actually a very well-recognised shop in Hong Kong!!

Above shows Dear carrying our huge bag of “Lao Po Bing” outside “Heng Xiang Lao Bing Jia” (in direct English translation, or ”Hang Heung Cake Shop Hong Kong”).

Heng Xiang Lao Bing Jia - Hang Heung Cake Shop Hong Kong Pamphlet :Hong Kong Heng Xiang Lao Bing Jia Lao Po Bing (Old Wife Biscuit)

Our best “Lao Po Bing” in the huge bag :

Cos our Luggages were already very heavy, plus the fact that we would still be touring Hong Kong & Macau the next 2 days (which meant there would be more shopping heehee!!), Dear & I could only buy 6 boxes of “Lao Po Bing” :

Below photo shows the daily freshly made ”Lao Po Bing – though their crusts are often not as neat & nicely intact & as presentable as some other brands – these “Lao Po Bing” are still the best cos they’re really fragant, with springy softness inside the paste, & they’re also not too sweet!!

- Each box contains 6 “Lao Po Bing” inside, & they can last for 10 days, or best eaten within 10 days!! Yummy Yummy!!

From the “Heng Xiang Lao Bing Jia” Shop, Dear & I walked to the famous Ladies Street (or Ladies Market, or “Nu Ren Jie” in Chinese), located in the Southern part of Tung Choi Street, between Boundary Street & Dundas Street in Mong Kok, Hong Kong.

The Ladies Street is the most famous Street Market in Hong Kong – besides having all kinds of ladies’ stuffs such as clothings, shoes, accessories, bags etc etc, there’re also many items for men & children!!


 was so happy to find a Store full of handmade miniature Souvenirs such as Potted Flowers & Cuisines Souvenir Magnets & their accessories like Cutleries etc – so cute so cute!!

And being a food lover who loves cooking alot & eating so much, I had a real hard time deciding which Cuisines Souvenir Magnets to buy cos there were just far too many of them in the store!! And everytime I’d decided, I would find other nicer ones when I turned my head towards others, & then I exchanged them…..then later I found the old ones better & then I replaced them again……& so this went on & on for a long long time haha!!

And only in the end did I finally make up my mind on the following gorgeous Cuisines Souvenir Magnets – based on the reasonings that they’re my favourite food, or that Dear likes to eat them, or that they’re so real looking, that they’re so cute or so colorful, or so yummy looking that I feel like eating them right off their plates or bowls!! Heehee!!

It was really so fun shopping in the Ladies Street – heehee of course, especially after I’d found the above Souvenir Magnets to add to my Collections!

And I also found the below lovely Beaded Sequins Bags :

Green one for Mom :

Red one for my 3rd Twin Sister :

And Blue one for myself – & I like all the 3 of them!

Below is my Rectangular shaped Jade Bracelet – haha, this Jade store lady boss thought I was a Japanese & kept talking to me in half English & half Japanese till the very end when I bought this Bracelet, though I never spoke a word of Japanese to her at all!! Haha guess my behaviour & actions & looks are Japanese alike ha?!? Haha Kawayi Nei!!!!

My Hong Kong Avenue of Stars Souvenir Magnet below - I was really happy to have spotted this Souvenir Magnet - Still remember my Hong Kee friend Father Gary brought Dear & I to watch the beautiful “Symphony of Lights” at the Avenue of Stars 3 years ago when we met him in Hong Kong! That was one real romantic special night!

The following 2-piece made-in-Korea glittering Blouse with Flowered Sequins is for Mom :

Dear’s shorts for homewear :

As it was getting dark, & cos Dear & I were both hungry, & very tired cos of too much walking, & cos we only slept for 2 to 3 hours last night in Beijing, we decided to stop shopping & look for food!!

Now, we actually never know that the Ladies Street is located at Tung Choi Street – Dear & I only knew that it’s somewhere in Mong Kong, & we had to always kinda search for it if we were walking, or take a taxi & tell them we wana go to “Nui Ren Jie”! So I was telling Dear, I must take a photo of this Street Sign so the next time we know & can remember that the famous Ladies Street is located at Tung Choi Street haha!! 

I shall leave you now with the following Slideshow which contains all the rest of my photos taken after Dear & I had our Beef Noodles at Tsim Sha Tsui, to where we bought the “Lao Po Bing” & the Ladies Street in Mong Kok where we did our shopping : 

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