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Going on Amazing Chiang Mai Trip & Enjoying Delicious Northern Thai Cuisines at Meijiang Restaurant, then Shopping for Beautiful Thai Souvenirs, before Having Wonderful Japanese Cuisines at Fuji Restaurant in Northern Thailand

Filed Under (Chiang Mai, Cuisines, North Thailand, Shopping, Singapore, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 26-08-2008

I’m going on an amazing Chiang Mai Trip today with my Mom, Dad & brother! Heheh I’m so happy!!

Arriving at Changi Airport Terminal 2, about to board our SilkAir flight MI702.

View from where I’m seated onboard MI702 :

And here’re my 3 little travelling companions – my Babies Cowtie, Cutie & Sportie (from Left to Right) – sitting on my Seat armrest :

Below shows Cowtie staring out of the Flight window at the clear blue sky after our take-off :

Cowtie was originally from Chiang Mai – I found him naked lying on the floor of a Weekend Flea Market store in Chiang Mai last December. And since then, I’ve clothed him & given him a cosy home with us in Singapore!!

And today, I’m bringing Cowtie with me to visit his Thai Northern hometown!

Now, little Mei Mei (youger sister) Cutie is also looking at the beautiful sky! Cutie was originally from Korea but she doesn’t remember how or when she came to Singapore before we found her.

However, she does remember very well how she used to travel on SQ Flights with Pa Pa to Sydney, Shanghai & Penglai (China) on Pa Pa’s business trips!

And then the above is Kor Kor (elder brother) Sportie enjoying the sky scenery too! Just like Cutie, Sportie also came from Korea, but he’s no idea how & when he came to Singapore before we met him!

But Sportie knows & remembers very well the times he flew with Pa Pa to Sydney & Perth when Pa Pa brought him along on his overseas training trips!

Here’s me Ma Ma with my newly permed dyed “Instant NoodleSpiral hairstyle!! Heheh hope I didn’t shock you guys with my sudden so tiny small curlers hairstyle - well, as I told Mom, we could always take come of my “Instand Noodles” to cook if we’re hungry in Chiang Mai haha!!

In-flight Meal time :

My Western Chicken Meat Loaf Set – with Harsh Brown, a huge fat Omelete, Boiled Broccoli & delicious Tomato Sauce, Bun & Orange Juice :

My brother is having his Spicy Fish Fried Rice Set – with boiled Long Beans, Coffee & Bun :

It’s Sky Shopping time soon after our meals!

And I bought the following 3-in-pack mini Silk Air Aeroplanes Souvenir Magnets!!

So So Cute, Unique & Special!!

And I absolutely adore them!! What precious souvenirs I just found considering my very first time flying in SilkAir!!

2 Sets of SilkAir Playing Cards for souvenir keepsakes :

Now, it’s almost 3 hours since we’re in the air from Singapore, & soon we’ll be touching down on Chiang Mai International Airport!

Cowtie can’t wait to land on Chiang Mai soon…………

“Here I come Chiang Mai……here I come……….Pom Kit Teung Koon!” Cowtie shouts excitedly as he looks out of the window down at his huge Mountainous hometown!! Well, Cowtie still remembers how to speak his Thai Language, & “Pom Kit Teung Koon” means “I Miss You”!

Below is a Video I took just before our plane land on Chiang Mai International Airport :

Chiang Mai is the largest & most culturely significant City in Northern Thailand – the Capital of North Thailand, located in Chiang Mai Province, some 700 km North of Bangkok. The City stands on the Mae Ping River (or “Ping River“), a major tributary of the Chao Phraya River.

And the time here in Chiang Mai is an hour behind Singapore’s time – which means we’ve to wind our watches one hour behind, which means we’ve also gained an hour here heheh!!

Map of Chiang Mai :Chiang Mai Map

Outside Chiang Mai International Airport now – waiting for our Thai friend to come pick us up in our rental car : 

Here she comes :

We soon checked into the Chiang Mai 4-star Holiday Inn - what a huge beautiful clean cosy room!

The following is a Slideshow on the rest of the photos I took of our Hotel Room :

Soon after our check-in to Holiday Inn, we came out again for our Lunch :

We’re now at this below Chinese Restaurant called “MeiJiang“. It’s my 2nd time dining in this Restaurant, brought here by this same Thai friend of ours last December when I visited Chiang Mai with my brother & hubby Dear.

A Hong Kong Rice & Noodle Restaurant, Meijiang is a small Restaurant, but it serves really delicious yummy Chinese Cuisines!!

Last December when we dined here, we were seated on the normal Eatery style area of the Restaurant. However, this time, we’re led to sit in the more cosy dining area where there’s even a fireplace which I adore!!

Our 1st dish – Sauteed Chinese Spinach with Crab Meat Sauce :

Yummy Yummy – I love crabs!! There’re lots of huge pieces of crab meat with the Spinach!!

White rice with Steamed Cold Wined Chicken Slices :

The Chicken is very tender & well prepared – the most delicious of all!!!

Steamed Rice Flour Rolls (or “Zhu Chang Fen” in Chinese) with Beef in Soy Sauce  – my 1st time eating Zhu Chang Fen wrapped with Beef :

Steamed Rice Flour Rolls (or Zhu Chang Fen) with huge fresh Shrimps :

Braised Pork Belly with Cantonese Pickles (or “Mei Chai Ku Rou” in Chinese) :

This is really really yummy – exactly how I used to like when I first tasted this dish here in Meijiang last Dec.

Stewed Eggplants with Minced Pork & Chili Sauce – they’re so tasty I can’t stop eating them!!

Mexican Abalone Congee topped with Diced Spring Onions - it’s steaming hot & really good!!

Deep Fried Chicken with Orange Sauce – crispy on the outside but tender on the inside – very nice!

Sauteed White Fish in Soy Sauce, topped with Chinese Parsley & Sliced Leeks – the fish is very fresh & tender!!

Our huge sumptous Lunch spread :

After Lunch while waiting for our bill to arrive inside Meijiang Restaurant, Dad notices the below cart passing by outside the Restuarant, & then we realise it’s actually selling Sweet Potatoes!!

Mom, Dad & I are so excited cos we all like Sweet Potatoes! So I quickly run out of the Restaurant to have a check & to buy some!

Steamed Sweet Potatoes & Sweet Corns on sales in the wheel Cart :

Me taking photos of the Sweet Potatoes & Corns seller picking up freshly peeled steaming hot Sweet Potatoes & putting them into the plastic bags :

I’m now back inside Meijiang Restaurant with the plate of Steaming Hot young Sweet Potatoes – they’re very very fresh & yummy yummy – we all love them so much!!

Below photo shows our Lunch dinning table by the corner of the very cosy restaurant :

And cos Mom wanted to make some Thai Dresses, our Thai friend brought us shopping somewhere near the Chinatown, hoping that Mom could find or make some pretty nice Thai Style clothings here!! 

Mom & Dad inside the Thai Seamstress Boutique, with the Thai Lady Boss :

After helping Mom on her dress materials, color & designs, I’m stealing some time out of the Boutique to take a walk in the nearby area to take some photos & do some shopping on my own.

I met this Thai Hilltribe woman (above & below) who’s selling Thai Souvenirs by the roadside, from whom I bought a handmade Hilltribe Long Neck Doll.

After which, I asked the woman (by making hand signs to her) if I could take some photos of her & she happily stood up from her tiny wooden seat (by the side of her store) to pick up the Hilltribe Silver Seashells Beaded Hat, put it on her own head, & smiled & posed for my camera!!

My pair of prettily handmade bluey Bears wearing some kind of cultural Thai outfits – really sweet!!

Thai Flower Garlands Key Rings :

Thai Cultural Dolls Souvenir Magnets – as a World Souvenirs Magnets lover, I couldn’t help but search & hunt for Souvenir Magnets wherever I travel & whenever I’ve got the opportunity!

Above Right is the handmade Thai Hilltribe Long Neck Doll which I bought from the above Thai Hilltribe Woman :

Thai Cultural Miniature Doll Key Rings :

Miniature Doll Key Rings

The followings are Three Thai Sling Bags – my hubby Dear often says these are Monks’ bags cos they’re shaped & designed just like the bags Monks usually carry.

And at the bottom right are my 2 Color Stones Beaded Necklaces – & funny thing is the Thai salesgirls from the Necklace shop thought I was a Japanese & kept staring at me up & down & gossiping about my hairstyle among themselves in Thai, but I’d no idea whether their comments were good or bad haha!!

Thai Elephant BagBeaded Necklaces

I’ve put below in the Slideshow all the other photos I took while shopping :

After shopping, we went back to Holiday Inn & had our showers. And upon leaving the Hotel to go for our dinner, we met this Thai lady playing String Instrument at the grand beautiful Hotel lobby :

Arriving at the Central Airport Plaza :

We decided to have our dinner at Fuji Restaurant – I first ate at Fuji Restaurant near  Chiang Mai Night Bazaar last December brought by this Thai friend of ours. And tonight, we’re in this much bigger branch of the Japanese Restaurant inside Central Airport Plaza :

The Fuji Japanese Restaurant Menu :

The well-packaged Fuji Chopsticks :

Kimchi & Maguro (Tuna) Tataki Salad with Soury Spicy Thai Sauce – very very appetizing & most delicious!! And the Kimchi is simply yummy we ordered a second bowl!!

Big Sushi Platter :

Saba Steak - be very careful though when eating this cos there’re so many bones :

Ika Maru Yaki (Sotongs) – my favourite :

Huge Sashimi Boatvery fresh & well-cut Sashimi & the best of all :

Dessert time now – Strawberry Jelly with Vanilla Ice Cream for my brother :

My Red Beans Dessert (Zenzai) with grilled Glutionus Rice Dumplings (or Mochi) – this’s extremely steaming hot & the Mochis are sossoosos tasty, with slightly grilled aromatic flavour so chewy yet melt right inside my mouth when I eat them!!! Sosososooo delicious & the best I’ve ever eaten!

I’ve the most wonderful yummy yummy dinner & after-meal dessert here at Fuji Restaurant, & now it’s shopping time at the Central Airport Plaza :

It’s my 2nd time shopping at the Central Airport Plaza as I’d come here last December. And whenever I’m here, I love to shop at the Northern Village where there’re all kinds of beautiful Thai Traditional & Cultural Handicrafts & Souvenirs :

And I’m really happy to have found these below beautiful Thai handmade & handpainted Souvenir Magnets to add on to my huge World Souvenir Magnets Collection :

Beautiful Handmade Doi Suthep Souvenir MagnetWat Phrathat Doi Suthep (or Doi Suthep as it’s normally called) is a Buddhist Temple (where I’ve visited last Dec when I first came to Chiang Mai) – located on the Doi Suthep Mountain 15km from the City of Chiang Mai – I shall post my last Dec Chiang Mai trip photos when I’ve got the chance – so do stay tuned :) )

The following is my most favourite handcrafted hanpainted Souvenir Magnet from this 2nd Chiang Mai Trip of mine – Standing Thai Angel guarding the Doi Suthep Temple, with 2 Thai Tuk Tuks parked by the side of the Temple :

Pretty Northen Village Shopping Paper Bag :

Below is a very short Slideshow on the gorgeous Wooden Horses we saw inside Northen Village :

We shopped till Central Airport Plaza closed at 9pm before returning to Holiday Inn :

Beautiful elegant Thai Painting by the Hotel elevator lobby :

Thai Painting

What a beautiful first day coming on this amazing Chiang Mai Trip & enjoying such delicious Northern Thai Cuisines at Meijiang Restaurant, then having so wonderful Japanese Cuisines at Fuji Restaurant, & still gathering so many beautiful Thai Souvenirs from my Shopping!! I’m indeed one real blessed gal!!!

Though it’s my 2nd time visiting Chiang Mai, I still love this Northern part of Thailand sososososoo much & am so looking forward to having more sightseeing & fun tomorrow!! See ya real soon!!

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