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Enjoying Thai Dried Golden Logans, Thai Mango Sticky Rice & Thai Crispy Pork Rinds at Warorot Market in Chinatown on Our Way Back to Chiang Mai from Chiang Rai in North Thailand

Filed Under (Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Cuisines, North Thailand, Shopping, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 29-08-2008

We’re now on our way back to Chiang Mai (from Chiang Rai) in our Thai rented car driven by our Thai friend, enjoying the neighbouring mountains & farms & greenery as seen in the following snapshots taken from where I’m seated inside our car :

Thai SceneryNorthern Thai Scenery

And now, we’re stopping for a short drinks cum toilet break at the same Thai Cafe where we had our Tea break when we were driving to Chiang Rai from Chiang Mai 2 days ago.

Below are Thai Pineapple Tarts (in transparent Bottles) among other Thai Goodies on sales in the Thai Cafe :

Thai Goodies

And I’m having my very cold Ice Lemon Teaso cooling & refreshing & the most ideal for such hot weather :

Iced Lemon Tea

And here I’m holding a packet of Thai Dried Golden Longans (called “Lumyai” in Thai) which my brother bought from the nearby shop – these Dried Golden Longans are so yummy & tasty as snacks we all fall in love with them & can’t stop eating them!!

Thai Dried Longans

And just when we’re about to leave the Cafe to continue our journey back to Chiang Mai, we meet the Thai Chinese Auntie cleaner whom we met here during our Tea break 2 days back. But today, Auntie looks kinda tired & weak, different from when we first saw her 2 days back.

And when Auntie hears that we were eating the Thai Dried Longans, she seems interested & so we offer her some – she immediately tucks in & starts eating them happily & she seems really hungry cos she had told Mom earlier that she only ate Sticky Rice (alone!!) for lunch – we then give Auntie the whole packet of left-over Longans & she readily accepts it with smiles.

Unfortunately we’ve to leave in a hurry cos it suddenly starts to rain heavily, so we bid Auntie Goodbye & once back inside the car, we’re thinking how wonderful it’ll be if only we’ve thought of buying Auntie some Thai Cookies or Snacks earlier before leaving. Well, we can now only wish Auntie the best of health & luck & that she takes great care of herself.

Thai Museum

The above photo shows a stunning traditional Thai style building which we pass by along our drive back to Chiang Mai. And according to our Thai friend, this building is actually a Thai Museum – how we wish we’ve got the time to stop to visit it :( (

Anyway, we soon stop at the below Street Stalls after driving a distance from the Museum, cos our Thai friend wana buy some local fruits for her good buddy – see our car parked below, with my brother & Mom & Dad inside the car waiting for our Thai friend & I who have also come down from the car cos I wana take photos heheh :

Thai Street VendorThai Street Fruits Stalls

And here below photos show the Food Stalls which are located behind the Fruits Stalls by the roadside :

Thai Street Food StallsThai Street Food Stalls

The Thai Fruits Stall full of fresh bright orange Persimmons & Oranges (called “Som Cheng” in Thai) :

Thai Fruits Stalls

The Fruits Stalls also sells different types of young & old Thai Bamboo Shoots (called “Naw Mhai” in Thai) which grow most abundantly during the current rainy season :

Thai Bamboo ShootsThai Bamboo ShootsThai Bamboo Shoots

Also on sales in the same Stall are Potted Plants with beautiful Pink Flowers :

Thai Potted Plants & Flowers

And there’re also Pussy Willows (called “Yin Liu” in Chinese) sitting on the below yellow pail :

Thai Plants

More Fruits Stalls by the roadside :

Thai Fruits StallsThai Fruits Stalls

Our Thai friend has now selected all her purchases of Persimmons & Bamboo Shoots :

Thai Fruits & Bamboo Shoots

And just when our Thai friend & I are about to leave the Fruits Stall, I notice the huge packets of beautiful Thai Passion Fruits lying on the floor below :

Bags of Thai Passion Fruits

The Thai Fruits vendor is slicing open a Passion Fruit for me to try here :

Thai Persimmons

And I’m now holding the 2 halves of the Passion Fruit & at the same time tasting it as I walk towards our car by the roadside to share the Fruit with my Mom. Hmm…….the Passion Fruit is sour but very refreshing! 

Thai Passion Fruits

After more than 4 hours of driving from Chiang Rai, we finally arrive at Chiang Mai City.

And cos we’ve still yet to eat the most famous Thai dessertMango Sticky Rice” (or “Kao Neow Ma Maung” in Thai), I suggest that we go to the Warorot Market in Chiang Mai Chinatown to get some cos I know of a stall in the Market that sells great yummy Mango Sticky Rice – I know about this cos I also got my Mango Sticky Rice from this same stall last December when I was here in Chiang Mai!

And another reason for wanting to go back to the Warorot Market is cos I know of another Stall that sells great delicious Thai Chinese Roast Pork which I ate last December too!! And Chinese Roast Pork happens to be another favourite of my Mom & Dad & brother too!!

Well, I was looking for the Mango Sticky Rice in the Warorot Market last December with my hubby Dear & we were very lucky to chance upon this particular stall that sells really really superb Thai Mango Sticky Rice!! And I’ve since told myself that should I be back in Chiang Mai again I’ll make sure I come back to this same stall to buy the dessert!!

And here I am today, back at this same Stall in the Warorot Market in Chiang Mai – heheh how lucky I am today, cos the Stall is still around & open, & I also recognise its same Thai lady boss from whom I bought my Mango Sticky Rice last December!!

Mango Sticky Rice Stall

And I’m so happy right now, & of course so are my Mom & Dad & brother, who all love Mango Sticky Rice! We immediately order 3 boxes of the yummy yummy dessert, & 3 extra boxes of just the plain Sticky Rice cos the Stall has already run out of Mangoes – & our order makes the Thai lady boss busy packing & slicing the Mangoes straight away :

Thai Mango Sticky Rice StallMango Sticky Rice

The very fresh & full of fragrance Thai Sticky Rice inside the huge Steel bowl :

Sticky Rice

And my brother goes next Stall to buy its Tao Suan (or “Sweet Mung Beans in Coconut Cream” dessert), which the below Thai woman is packing now :

Thai Desserts Stall

See below next to the Thai lady boss our 3 boxes of the so fresh golden yellow colored Thai Mangoes on top of the Sticky Rice – hmmm………I can’t wait to attack them!!

Mango Sticky Rice

Well, ever since my Dear & I ate this Stall’s Mango Sticky Rice last December, we’ve loved it so much cos it’s the best we’ve tasted so far in Thailand, even much better than the much more costly ones we used to eat in the classy Thai restaurants in Thailand, Chiang Mai or Singapore!!

And ever since, Dear & I had always been talking & dreaming about it since we were back home in Singapore!! And before I came back to Chiang Mai again this time, Dear has been bugging me & couldn’t stop reminding me that I must buy some back for him!!!

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

So this time that I’m back here again, I quickly pre-inform the Thai lady boss that we’ll be back here again 2 days later (on Sunday) to buy her Mango Sticky Rice to bring back home to Singapore!! And guess what, I order 10 packs, while Mom orders 5 packs!!

And the Thai lady boss is so nice she gives her contact no to our Thai friend, telling her to call first before coming on Sunday to check if she can manage to get so many Mangoes, cos it’s not the Mango Season (April to June) now.

Mango Sticky Rice

Well, the Thai lady boss has now finished packing our 6 boxes of the Mango Sticky Rice :

Mango Sticky Rice

Haha, I can’t wait any longer & tuck into the Mango Sticky Rice with my bare hands once I get hold of one of the packets, not realising that I should be using spoon hahaha!! And I even start to hand feed Mom & Dad too haha – & really, the Mango Sticky Rice still tastes so so good just like last December the way I remember it!!  

We then walk to the nearby Thai Goodies Stall as seen below, looking for the elderly Thai Chinese Teochew Auntie whom I got to befriend last December when I was shopping here in the Warorot Market.

This Teochew Auntie runs the Stall with her younger sister, who both originally came to Chiang Mai from China many many years ago, & Auntie’s a very helpful & great person – I met her when I happened to stop by her Stall to buy the famous crispy Thai Pork Rinds.

And I started asking her where I could find yummy Roast Pork in the Warorot Market. Then Auntie even recommended that Dear & I try the very special & yummy Thai Grilled Chicken in the Market, & she even walked us to the Stall!! However, cos the Grilled Chicken looked kinda more Western than Thai to us, & cos we’d wanted Thai food then, Dear & I decided not to try it.

And then Auntie brought me to this Thai Chinese Roast Pork Stall a short distance away from her Stall, & ordered the Roast Pork for me in Thai! So again I got to taste the most tasty Chinese Roast Pork from Chiang Mai – they were so so awesome!!

Unfortunately this particular Roast Pork Stall has already closed for today, & there’re no other Stalls nearby that sells Roast Pork, which make us really disappointed - if only we’d come here much earlier!! But it’s ok, cos we’ll try our luck again & come early this Sunday!!

Thai Goodies Stall

Here below is the most friendliest Thai Chinese Teochew Auntie :

Thai Goodies Stall

Mom & I bought some Thai Dried Longans & deep fried Crispy Pork Rinds from Auntie.

Well, the Crispy Pork Rinds (called “Kaeb Moo” in Thai) which I just bought from Auntie are different from the ones we ate for our Lanna Thai Dinner in Chiang Rai 2 nights ago, cos these Crispy Pork Rinds are made of 3-layer Pork (or Pork Belly – similar to Roast Pork meat), & to me these are much nicer cos they really taste very very good, with the meat of the Pork Belly still intact, & so so crispy & well fried, & not a bit oily at all!!! 

And according to Auntie, we can cook these Crispy Pork Rinds with White Cabbages, cos the dish is absolutely delicious, but I’ve yet to prepare this dish till now!

Well, here is my packet of most delicious deep fried Crispy Pork Rinds, which are exactly the same type of Pork as the Roast Pork which we love, except that these are Deep Fried :

Crispy Pork RindsCrispy Pork RindsCrispy Pork Rinds

And this is my Packet of Thai Dried Longans (called “Lumyai” in Thai) :

Thai Dried Longans

A Tip for you who may be buying Thai Dried Longans – buy the less brown in color Dried Longans, such as the ones we ate this afternoon in the Thai Cafe, cos they’re the younger ones & they are softer & more fragrant & taste much nicer, unlike these older & darker ones who are slightly hard & not as fragrant & yummy :)

Thai Dried Longans

Well, just when we’re about to leave the Warorot Market, Auntie runs after us telling us that we should go & try the Chinese Cuisines in the Chinese Restaurant called “Jia Tong Heng Restaurant” in Chiang Mai – & I’m really so touched by Auntie, who’d helped me alot last December, & again now giving us such great Cuisine tips!!

And I really feel very fortunate & blessed that I get to meet such wonderful overseas acquaintance during my travelling :) ))

Thai Teochew Granny

After leaving the  Warorot Market, we make our way to the Thai Seamstress Boutique where Mom had her Thai outfits made on our 1st day of arrival in Chiang Mai, cos it’s collection day today.

And here I am standing with Mom inside the Boutique – look at how gorgeous Mom looks in her lovely bright Turquoise colored Thai style suit - kinda Organzar top with hand sewn shiny Beads (some dangling too), & gorgeous long Thai Silk skirt :

Pretty Mom & I

Mom is now wearing her 2nd beautiful Pink Thai suit, which is made up of lovely Organza top with hand sewn Beads & delicately hand sewn Flower Embroideries, & beautiful long Thai Silk skirt – isn’t she so pretty!!

Pretty Mom & I

The Thai Seamstress with Mom inside the Boutique – this Thai Seamstress is a very friendly & customer-oriented woman who owns & runs the Boutique with her Thai husband :

Thai Seamstress with Mom

And below is the Thai Seamstress Boutique Receipt of the 2 outfits of Mom, & inclusive of another beautiful long Thai Silk skirt which Mom & Dad has it made specially for our Thai friend. The total cost – 9500 bahts which is about $420 Singapore dollars which is pretty cool!! 

Thai Seamstress Boutique Receipt

Mom & our Thai friend are both really pleased with their newly made outfits & we soon left the Thai Seamstress Boutique & are now reaching the Holiday Inn in Chiang Mai City, which we’ll be checking into, & staying for another 2 nights before we go back home to Singapore :

Holiday Inn Hotel

And here below are the Holiday Inn Cards to our 2 Rooms :

Holiday Inn

And these are our Holiday Inn Welcome Drinks Coupons, which were also given to us upon our 1st night stay here when we 1st arrived in Chiang Mai 3 days ago. However, we were very busy being out of the Hotel the whole day & night that we forgot to have the drinks. Well, this time round we must try to make sure that we do remember to have them!

Holiday Inn Welcome Drink

And once we check into our Rooms & settle down, we immediatetly start eating our Mango Sticky Rice again, & this time I remember to use the provided spoons heheh!!

The Thai Sticky Rice is so tasty & full of fragrance as it’s cooked with very fresh Coconut Milk – & the Mangoes are so Fresh & Sweet & Juicy though they’re not in season now – just like I remember eating them last December!! In fact, there’re also separate small packets of fresh Coconut Milk which we need to pour over the Mango Sticky Rice, but cos I’m so excited about eating it, I totally forget about the extra Milk haha!!

Thai Mango Sticky Rice

However, I notice something different from what I used to remember last December - the portion of each packet of the dessert seems lesser & not as much as I used to have last December – the Sticky Rice & Mangoes are lesser now, & the Mangoes are also not as thick & huge :((

But overall, I still think these Mango Sticky Rice are still very very yummy & we all enjoy it so much that we’re beaming with smiles all the while we’re eating it hahaha!!

Mango Sticky Rice

About the Tao Suan dessert which my brother bought from the Warorot Market - well, he finished up the whole packet before I could even snap any photo of it!! And according to him, the Thai Tao Suan is slightly salty unlike our Singaporean one which is totally sweet, & that it’s really yummy & he likes it very much!!

What great awesome welcome treats we just gave ourselves coming back to Chiang Mai – hmmm……..we’re really so so blessed!!

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