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Shopping at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar for Thai Souvenir T-Shirts, Thai Handcrafted Hair-Clips, Thai Elephant Cushion Covers & Thai Souvenir Magnets in Northern Thailand

Filed Under (Chiang Mai, Cuisines, North Thailand, Shopping, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 29-08-2008

I mentioned earlier that we have after-dinner plan. Well, that’s to go night shopping at the local Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai – Hoorays Hoorays long live the Thai King!! Long live the Thai King heheh!!!

Just several minutes after our most wonderful dinner at the Dalaabaa Bar & Restaurant, we arrive here at the Night Bazaar in Chiang Mai City :

Chiang Mai Night Bazaar

Well, I’ve been to this Chiang Mai Night Bazaar many times in my last December 10-day trip with my hubby Dear, & I absolutely love this place cos there’re tons of treasures to be founded & hunted in the many many push cart stalls along both sides of the streets & many many more shops beyond them in the back alleys etc!!!

And I’m pretty familiar with the place, & so as I’m speaking now, I’m getting real real excited!!

Map of Night Bazaar Chinag Mai :Chiang Mai Night Bazaar Map

My brother & our Thai friend have gone to visit another Thai friend after dropping Mom, Dad & I off at the Night Bazaar. And Mom & Dad decide to have coffee at the Starbucks Cafe at the Bazaar while I go shopping alone.

The time now is 9.45pm!! Already so late cos we’re all supposed to be meeting at the Starbucks cafe by 11pm!! I immediately waste no time after settling Mom & Dad down at the cosy Starbucks Cafe & ordering coffee for them, & off I go hunting for my hubby Dear’s T-shirts at the Bazaar.

And I manage to get 2 Thai Souvenir T-shirts for Dear – a bright red Tee with the very popular “Beer Chang” Logo. Elephants are called “Chang” in Thai. 

Thai T-Shirt

Actually, Dear already has this same T-shirt which was purchased here at the Night Bazaar last December when we visited Chiang Mai. But when we brought it home to Singapore, we realised that the Logo was damaged. So here I am, buying Dear the same Tee again heheh!!

Thai T-Shirt

This is the 2nd Northern Thailand Chiang Jungle Tour Souvenir T-shirt for Dear :

Thailand T-shirt

Why this design? Cos Dear & I really enjoyed our Jungle Tour riding on Elephant last December when we were here in the North, that’s why :) )

Thailand T-shirt

Here below are my 4 Thai handmade Spices Souvenir Magnets, all prettily wrapped up. I always like the way the Thai people in the North wrap their sales items, usually using recycled papers or plastics!!

And I  love the Northern people, besides being the friendliest & most polite & helpful of all Thai people in Thailand, they’re very creative & great painters & artists & always handmake their own crafts to sell :

Spices Souvenir Magnets

Anyway, the Spices in each & every piece of these Spices Souvenir Magnets have been exquisitively selected & stored in mini Gunny Sacks designed with colorful Hearts & Flowers embroideries. Spices include Cinnamon Sticks, Star Anise, Lotus Seeds, Garlics, Dried Red Chilies, Red Beans, Green Beans, Corns etc – really beautiful :

Spices Souvenir Magnets

Now, let me show you the close-up views of the Spices Souvenir Magnets :

Spices & Beans Souvenir MagnetSpices & Beans Souvenir MagnetSpices & Beans Souvenir MagnetThai Beans Souvenir Magnet

Hey could you guess what are the following items? Well, yea I know, you must be saying yea of course they’re Candies & Chewing Gums & Cookies & Spices & Popcorns & Bottlecaps & Seashells etc etc……

Hey you’re not wrong at all cos they really are the so-called what you’ve just mentioned their names, & they’re genuine ones okie!! But just that they’re not edible, well, at least for now not before they were made into Hair Clips……heheh….yea they’re Thai Handcrafted Hair Clips you read rightly!!

Amazing but absolutely true!!

Fanciful Hair Clips

Well, first let me show you my genunie Cookies Hair Clips :

Cookies Hair Clips

These Cookies remind me very much of my childhood days when I used to eat the same type of Cookies though not like these single ones, but 2 of which are sandwiched together with Pineapple Jam which is kinda sticky & would get stuck in-between our tiny teeths upon eating – but those Pineapple Sandwiched Cookies were so heavenly delicious they were our whole wide world then!!

Cookies Hair Clips

And trust me, these Cookies, though now made into Hair Clips, still smell slightly like the original edible Cookies that they used to be!! Hmm…….I’m suddenly so hungry now……….wish I can bite into these Cookies now……………

Cookies Hair ClipCookies Hair Clip

Now, here are all my multi-flavoured Sweets Hair Clips – & the Sweets are all real ones okie, just that they’re no longer edible now that they’ve been made into Hair Clips!! And believe me, these genuine Sweets Hair Clips don ever rot or melt at all, nor attract ants, cos I’d had been wearing one many many times since last December when I bought one here in Chiang Mai!!

Candies Hair Clips

Orange, Banana, Pineapple, Strawberry & Coconut flavoured Sweets Hair Clip :

Sweets Hair Clips

Which flavour would you like to try? Coconut, Strawberry, Orange, Pineapple or Coco Cola flavour?? Haha, I’m just thinking whether these sweets can be easily found in the Candies stores in Thailand?! Cos I’d love to try each & every flavours & have a taste of how my Sweets Hair Clips used to taste like!!

Sweets Hair Clips

Or would you like to have Pinepple, Coconut, Coca Cola, Orange or Banana flavour from here below? Well, actually they’re all of the same few flavours except that they’re mixed & combined differently on each Hair Clip – but in whichever combination, they all look lovely together!!

See the below Orange flavoured Sweet with its bottom wrapper slightly torn – that’s real genuine ha heheh!!

Sweets Hair Clips

Here below is my most unique & special Japanese Candies – Crayon Shin Chan Hair Clip. Crayon Shin Chan is a Japanese Comics & Animation Series written by Yoshito Usui. I just adore Shin Chan the Cartoon character so much - isn’t he so adorable ha?!!

Japanese Sweets Hair Clip

The following are my real Sugar Candies Hair Clips – with Orange, Lemon, Strawberry & Grape flavours :

Sugar Candy Hair ClipSugar Candy Hair Clip

And these are my cutiest & sweetest Hello Kitty Crispy Candy Hair Clips :

Fanciful Hair Clips

Orange flavoured Hello Kitty Crispy Candy Hair Clip :

Hello Kitty Hair Clip

Strawberry flavoured Hello Kitty Crispy Candy Hair Clip :

Candy Hair Clip

Grape flavoured Hello Kitty Crispy Candy Hair Clip  – haha Pink color & Hello Kitty & Bears happen to be all my favourites – no wonder I adore these Hair Clips :

Hello Kitty Hair Clip

Real yummy yummy Popcorns Hair Clips :

Popcorn Hair Clip

Hoho, bet we must never forget to bring these along with us when we go watch movies in the cinemas ha heheh!!

Popcorn Hair Clip

And these Popcorns look real fat & appetizing right?! And they’ve still got their original Popcorns scent – making me so hungry & tempted to eat them now!!

Popcorn Hair Clip

My Banned in Singapore Chewing Gums Hair Clips!! I bought one here in Chiang Mai last December & had myself wearing it back home in Singapore, but luckily I was never fined by the law at all haha!!

Chewing Gums Hair Clips

Wrigley’s Juicy Fruit Chewing Gum Hair Clip – unbelievingly true, this Chewing Gum still smells nice with its gummy scent from its bottom piece’s opened sides!!

Chewing Gum Hair Clip

Wrigley’s Doublemint Chewing Gum Hair Clip – these Juciy Fruit & Doublemint are 2 of my favourite flavoured Wrigley’s Chewing Gums when young!!

Chewing Gum Hair Clip

Heineken Bottle Caps Hair Clip – Cheers Cheers to the whole world out there – bottoms up!!

Heineken Hair Clip

And here below are the real Sea Shells Hair Clips :

Seashells Hair Clip

I love picking Seashells whenever I’m walking on the beach, anywhere in the world, cos Seashells always give me a mystic feeling about them……….

Seashells Hair Clip

My different varity Fruit & Spices Hair Clips :

Spices Hair Clips

Orange Slices Hair Clip :

Orange Hair Clip

Cinnamons Hair Clip – really cool looking ha :

Cinnamon Hair ClipCinnamon Hair Clip

And these Cinnamon Sticks still have their original spice fragrance!!

Cinnamon Hair Clip

My last but not least most unique Dried Red Chilies Hair Clip – haha I just love Spices & Chilies with my food!! Yummy Yummy!!!

Dried Red Chilies Hair Clip

Well, I hope you’ve enjoyed looking at all my many many most extraordinary & fanciful Hair Clips, & I’m glad to say that they’re all really wearable & totally durable!!

Oops Oops I never realise I’ve taken up so much time selecting my huge collection of beautiful Thai Handcrafted Hair Clips!!! The time now is fast approaching 11pm & I’ve got to hurry hurry!!

Thai Elephant Sequins Cushion CoversElephant Sequins Cushion Cover

In a pretty short time, I manage to get 4 pieces of these gorgeous Thai Elephants Sequins Silky Cushion Covers for my homely couch & armchairs:

Thai Elephant Sequins Cushion CoverThai Elephant Sequins Cushion Cover

Then from the Thai Cushion Covers stall, I start running across the street of the Night Bazaar to the opposite side in search of the corner stall outside the Mcdonald’s Restaurant wanting to buy more Souvenir Magnets which I remember seeing last December!!

And here they are, my Wooden Dolls Souvenir Magnets :

Thai Souvenir Magnets

Bigger views of my colorful Wooden Dolls Souvenir Magnets – all handmade & handpainted locally :

Wooden Dolls Souvenir Magnets

Next, I’ve to dash again to the nearby Thai Souvenirs Stall which I still remember from my last December trip here :

Thai Souvenir Magnets

I’m so happy to see a wide selection of Thai Souvenir Magnets that I quickly pick all my selections & the Thai lady stall keeper starts wrapping all my purchases. In the meantime, I sart snapping away photos of the Souvenirs Stall :

Thai Handmade Souvenirs & Gifts

See the so huge selection of Souvenir Magnets here :

Thai Souvenir Magnets

More & More :

Thai Souvenir Magnets

And many many more :

Thai Souvenir MagnetsThai Handmade Souvenirs & Gifts

And I’d love to also buy its other handcrafted Souvenirs such as the Clocks, Lamps or Display Ornaments, but unfortunately I’ve got no time at all – how sad!!

Thai Handmade Souvenirs & Gifts

See the so many beautiful handcrafted Herbs & Spices Clocks, Beary Lamps & Beary Clocks etc etc – what a waste that I’ve got so big an appetite for world Souvenirs yet so little time – so so sad :( (

Thai Handmade Souvenirs & Gifts

Well, here they are – all my Souvenir Magnets all neatly wrapped up by the Thai lady stall keeper :

Thai Souvenir Magnets Wrapped Up

And here are all my Thai Elephants Souvenir Magnets – all delicately handcrafted & handpainted – portraying very live like features & colors :

Thai Elephants Souvenir Magnets

Royal Thai Elephant Souvenir Magnet :

Royal Elephant Souvenir Magnet

Thai Elephant Holding Durian in Trunk Souvenir Magnet – Durian being Thailand’s King of the Fruits & one of the most popular fruits in the country :

Elephant Durian Souvenir MagnetElephant Durian Souvenir Magnet

Thai Elephant Holding Mangoes in Trunk Souvenir Magnet – Mangoes being the best well-known & most popular Fruit in Thailand – remember the very famous Mango Sticky Rice dessert!!

Elephant Mangoes Souvenir MagnetElephant Mangoes Souvenir Magnet

Elephant Jungle Trekking Souvenir magnet – I still remember so well my first Elephant Jungle Trekking trip with my hubby Dear last December – it was the most wonderful experience we’ve had together in this Northern region of Thailand!!

You’ve got to try it should you be anywhere near elephants & jungle okie!!

Elephant Trekking Souvenir Magnet

Loving Elephants with Golden Temples Souvenir Magnet :

Chiang Mai Souvenir Magnet

Elephant Trekking through Cultural Temples Souvenir Magnets :

Elephant Trekking Souvenir MagnetChiang Mai Souvenir Magnet

My Elephants Kicking Football Souvenir Magnets – heheh, I’ve seen this amazing sports by the Thai Elephants last December, & they were so so cool :

Elephant Souvenir Magnets

Close-up view of the Elephant Kicking Football Souvenir Magnet :

Elephant Souvenir Magnet

Now, here are my Herbs & Spices Souvenir Magnets - all beautifully contained in mini Gunny Sacks with Labels. And yes, all the Herbs & Spices are real genuine ones :

Thai Spices Souvenir Magnets

The following 2 Herbs & Spices Souvenir Magnets has got lots of different Herbs & Spices such as Star Anise, Dried Red Chilies, Cinnamon Sticks, Dried Lemon Grasses, Beans, Orange Slices & Dried Cardamons :

Thai Spices Souvenir MagnetChiang Mai Souvenir Magnet

Cinnamon Souvenir Magnet – Cinnamon being called “Ob Chuey” in Thai :

Cinnamon Souvenir Magnet

Orange Slices Souvenir Magnet – Orange being called “Som Cheng” in Thai :

Orange Slice Souvenir Magnet

Corns Souvenir Magnet :

Thai Corn Souvenir Magnet

Groundnuts Souvenir Magnet – this is the most genuine & cutest of all cos if you shake it, you’ll hear the groundnuts dancing inside the shells haha : 

Nuts Souvenir Magnet

And this has got to be my most favourite of all – Coffee Beans Souvenir Magnet, cos I can still smell the aromatic fragrance of the Coffee Beans…….hmmm………….

Coffee Souvenir Magnet

Well, I’ve now come to the end of my Shopping at Chiang Mai Night Bazaar!!

Wish I’ve got more more time here, cos I only got to really shop at a few stalls, while busy checking my watch & at the same time running here & there haha!!

But guess I’m already happy considering I’ve got only 75mins in total yet I’ve still managed to get pretty many stuffs such as the beautiful Thai Souvenir T-Shirts, gorgeous Thai Handcrafted Hair-Clips, lovely Thai Elephant Cushion Covers & amazing Thai Souvenir Magnets here in Northern Thailand!!

And hey, my timing is so so accurate cos it’s exactly 11pm sharp now!! And I’ve to run to the opposite Starbucks Cafe to meet Mom & Dad, my brother & our Thai friend!!

I shall here say Good Night to you then – see you tomorrow okie :)) 

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