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Returning Thai Rental Car & Hunting for Thai Souvenir Magnets at Chiang Mai International Airport before Flying Home to Singapore from Chiang Mai, North Thailand

Filed Under (Chiang Mai, Cuisines, North Thailand, Shopping, Singapore, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 31-08-2008

After having the most superb Chinese lunch at Jia Tong Heng Restaurant & shopping for some half hour at the small shopping arcade outside Jia Tong Heng Restaurant, we drove here to this Thai Service Apartment where our Thai Rental Car Agency is at its basement, to pay for our car rental fees.

Thai Rental Car AgencyThai Rental Car Agency in Chiang Mai

This Thai rented car has brought us all around Chiang Mai, from Chiang Mai to Chiang Rai, to Phya Meng Rai, from Phya Meng Rai to Chiang Rai, then from Chiang Rai all the way to Mae Sai, then back to Chiang Rai from Mae Sai, then back from Chiang Rai to Chiang Mai again!

Rain or shine, this car has given us much comforts & lots of convenience travelling around the North of Thailand for the past 6 days & nights!! And especially to our most wonderful Thai friend, who is our greatest chauffeur for all these days & nights, we must say the biggest Thank You!!

Thai Rented Car from Chiang Mai, North Thailand

We spent some time at the Thai Car Rental Agency settling our car payments, inclusive of extra $50 Singapore Dollars for the broken Side Mirror incident which happend earlier this noon.

Below is a Slideshow containing photos taken of our car & the Car Rental Agency’s surroundings :

Here below shows us arriving at Chiang Mai International Airport for our 6pm flight home to Singapore after we left the Car Rental Agency – the time now is 3.30pm.

Thailand International Airport in Chiang Mai, North ThailandChiang Mai International Airport, North Thailand

We’ve all our travelling luggages, including our 2 Boxes of Thai Mango Sticky Rice desserts, checked in, & got our flight Boarding Passes. And as there’s still 2 & half hours to our flight departure, my brother & our Thai friend decide to go run some errands at Central Airport Plaza together.

So we bid farewell to our Thai friend cos we won’t be seeing her again before leaving Chiang Mai – Dad shakes hand with her, while Mom & I hug her as we thank & say Goodbye to her. And our eyes are wailing up in tears as we do so, & then Mom start to cry. And upon seeing Mom crying, both our Thai friend & I follow suit cos we can no longer control our tears as my brother & she start to walk away from us……….So sad so sad :( (

We know we’re gonna miss her so much as she’s become a very dear close friend to us, & we really appreciate how much she’s done for us driving us around here in the North & bringing us to visit so many interesting places & eating so much wonderful special Cuisines!!

Well, we really hope to see our most dearest Thai friend soon again, & best with her Mom, Dad & younger sister, cos Dad has actually invited her family & her to come visit us in Singapore the last time we visited her family home in Phya Meng Rai.

Chiang Mai International Airport Shopping, North Thailand

Well, it’s now shopping time for me here at Chiang Mai International Airport as Mom & Dad settle down for Coffee inside a small Thai Cafe called “NINETY-FOUR COFFEE” inside the Airport.

I still remember my hubby Dear & I used to have its Club Sandwiches & its Tutti Fruitti Berry Smoothie here at the same Cafe last Dec just before our flight home to Singapore, & they were both so good & yummy!!

The Biggest Thai Handicrafts Center in Chiang Mai International Airport, North Thailand

And today, I’m back here at this Thai Souvenirs Shop inside Chiang Mai International Airport to hunt for more Thai Souvenir Magnets just like I remember it was here last Dec – the only thing I didn’t know last Dec was that this Thai Souvenirs Shop is the ROYAL THAI GOVERNMENT HANDICRAFTS CENTRE - THE BIGGEST THAI HANDICRAFTS CENTRE :

The Biggest Thai Handicrafts Center in Chiang Mai International Airport, North ThailandThe Biggest Thai Handicrafts Center in Chiang Mai International Airport, North Thailand

I spend some amazing time shopping inside this Biggest Thai Handicrafts Centre & am very happy to find some great Thai Souvenir Magnets to add on to my World Souvenir Magnets Collection – all packed inside this below Shopping Bag :

Shopping Bag from The Best Thai Handicrafts Centre in Chiang Mai

The Souvenirs sold in this Biggest Thai Handicrafts Centre are much more costly, but some of their souvenirs, especially the Souvenir Magnets, can’t be found outside here. Well, at least to me cos I’ve never seen them anywhere else except here in the Airport!! Besides their quality & workmanship are fine & very good!

Well, the followings are my Thai Souvenir Magnets which I just purchased from the Biggest Thai Handicrafts Centre :

Chiang Mai Souvenir Magnets

My authentic Thai Elephant Souvenir Magnet :

Authentic Thai Elephant Souvenir Magnet

My most exotic Thai Royal Barge Souvenir Magnet – the exquisitely crafted Royal Barge is a blend of Craftsmanship & traditional Thai Art :

80th King\'s Birthday - Thai Royal Barge Souvenir Magnet

My “Thailand is the Origin of Muay Thai” (Thai Boxing) Souvenir Magnet – Muay Thai is a form of Hard Martial Arts. It’s a long history in Thailand, & it’s the National Sport in the country. Muay Thai uses Kicks & Punches in a Ring with Gloves similar to those used in Western Boxing.

Referred to as “The Art of the Eight Limbs”, the Hands, Shins, Elbows & Knees are all used extensively in this Thai Boxing. Thus a Nak Muay (a practitioner of Muay Thai), is able to execute Strikes using “8 Points of Contact”, as oppised to the “2 Points” (Fists) in Western Boxing, & the “4 Points” (Fists, Feet) used in the primarily sport-oriented forms of Martial Arts : 

Muay Thai (Thai Boxing) Souvenir Magnet

My “Thailand is where Buddhist Temples Prevail” Souvenir Magnet – There’re over 312000 Buddhist Temples spread around Thailand. Temples are called “Wat” in Thai, & they’re grouped into 2 main groups – Temples which are permitted to carry out Religious functions, & Temples which are used only for Living quarters for Monks.

Classified into 2 main categories - Common Temples & Royal Temples where there’re about 200 Royal Temples which were built by Royalty or came under their sponsorship in Thailand :

Thailand is where Buddhist Temples Prevail Souvenir Magnet

My Thai Angels Souvenir Magnets :

Thai Angels Souvenir Magnets

 My most precious Thai Boys Souvenir Magnets :

Chiang Mai Boys Souvenir Magnets

Below is my “Thai Boy Playing on Songkran Day in Thailand” Souvenir Magnet – Songkran is the Thai New Year, & it’s celebrated every year from April 13 to April 15. Throwing of Water is the most obvious celebration of Songkran – where people roam the streets with containers of Water or Water Guns, or stand by the roadsides with Garden Hoses & drench one another wet with Water!!

The Throwing of Water originated as a way of paying respects to people, by gently pouring a small amount of Lustral Water (water blessed from Monks) on people’s hands or over their shoulders. Then young Thais start pouring Water on strangers to relieve the heat (as April’s the Hottest month in Thailand), & this further evolved into Water Fights & Splashing Water over people riding vehicles.

Traditionally, the main activity of Songkran was to visit & pay respects to elders, family members, friends & neighbours. People may also go to Buddhist Monasteries to pray & give food to Monks. It’s the time to make New Year resolutions, to refrain from bad behavior, or to do good things, & a time for cleaning & renewal, giving their homes a thorough cleaning.

In Northern Thailand, people may carry handfuls of sand to the monastery to recompense the dirt that they have carried away on their feet during the rest of the year. The sand is then sculpted into Stupa-shaped piles & decorated with colorful flags.

In Chiang Mai, the Buddha Images from the City’s important Monasteries are paraded on ornately decorated Floats through the streets so that people can toss Water at them, ritually “Bathing” the Images. The Thais believe that in doing so, they’ll have Good Luck & Prosperity for the whole New Year :

Thai Boy Playing on \

Below is my “Thai Cock Pet in Thailand” Souvenir Magnet – the Cocks are cherished Pets which are well-cared for by the Thais, who use the birds to participate in their favourite pass time or Thai National Sport – Thai Cock Fight :

Thai Cock Pet Thailand Souvenir MagnetThai Cock Pet Souvenir Magnet

My “Thai Boy Walking on Coconut Shells in Thailand” Souvenir Magnet  – Coconuts are called “Maprao” in Thai. In the past, Thai children made use of the Coconut Shells to play a Game called “Dern-ga-la” or “Walking on Coconut Shells”.

Simply making 2 holes on the sides of half a Coconut Shell (called “Kapho” in Thai), & passing a small string through the holes, the Thai children step on the Shells with the strings in their hands, & try to walk on the Shells. And whoever arrives at the winning point first wins the Game :  

Thai Boy Walking on Coconut Shells Souvenir Magnet

My “Thai Buddhist Novice Collecting Alms in Thailand” Souvenir Magnet – It’s a Thai Tradition that young men, at the age of 20, spend a period of time in the Monkhood, in order to forward the merits to their parents who have given them birth & brought them up.

Boys under the age of 20, or older men who are not ready to obey the 227 Buddhist Precepts required for Monkhood, can also be ordained as Buddhist Novices, who need to only obey 10 Buddhist Precepts.

These Thai Novices learn how to dress themselves properly in Saffron Robes & collect Alms from devotees in the communities surrounding the Temples. Most importantly, these Novices study the Theory of Buddhism & practise Buddhist Meditation. The Thai Novicehood program usually lasts between 15 to 30 days, after which, the Thai Novices are disrobed, hopefully to become better persons :

     Thai Buddhist Novice Collecting Alms Souvenir Manget

My “Thailand is the Land of Smiles” Souvenir Magnet – The Land of Smiles is a description of Thailand given by visitors. Called “Yim” in Thai, Smiling has become a part of Thais’ everyday’s way of life in their expressions of embarrassment, shame, remorse, tension, fear & even sadness.

For my personal travelling experiences, I think the Thai people from Northern Thailand are the most courteous, most helpful & best smiling people in the country, & that’s the main reason why I like visiting Chiang Mai.

Well, here below are several specific Thai Smiles in Thai, & their English translations :

Yim Thang Nam Taa” in Thai - “I’m so happy I’m crying” Smile

Yim Yae Yae” – “I know things look pretty bad but there’s no point craying over spilt milk” Smile

Yim Yaw” – “I told you so” Smile

Yim Sao” – Sad Smile

Yim Thak Thaan” – “I disagree with you” Smile

Yim Mai Awk” – “I’m trying to Smile but I can’t” Smile

Fuen Yim” – “I should laugh at the joke though it’s not funny” Smile

Yim Thak Thaai” – the polite Smile for someone you barely know

Thailand is the Land of Smiles Souvenir Magnet

Below show my “Thai Buffalo Riding” Souvenir Magnet – Called “Khwai” in Thai, Buffaloes have played an integral part in Thai culture & Thai society, where they’ve been used for centuries by Thai peasants to plough rice fields.

Haha, I still remember last Dec when my hubby Dear & I had our Buffalo (or Ox) Cart riding here in Chiang Mai & that was as close to riding Buffalo, & that was so cool & so much fun!! 

Baffalo Riding Souvenir MagnetBaffalo Riding Souvenir Magnet 

The following is my “Thai Monkey Coconut Picker in Surat Thani Thailand” Souvenir Magnet – Surat Thani is the largest Southern Province in South Thailand, covering an area of 12891 kms & bordered by the Gulf of Thailand to the North & East. Located 644 kms from Bangkok, Surat Thani literally means “City of the Good People”; its name given by King Vajiravudh (RamaVI) of the Srivijaya Empire.

Thai Monkeys play a major role in collecting Coconuts in Thailand because human beings don wana do that kind of work. And Monkeys In Surat Thani have contributed greatly to Thailand’s Coconut Industry, which produces yearly some 933000 tons of Coconuts on 280000 hectares of land, mostly in the Southern peninsula of the country.

Monkey Coconut Picket from Surat Thani Souvenir MagnetMonkey Coconut Picket from Surat Thani Souvenir Magnet

After shopping at the Biggest Thai Handicrafts Centre inside Chiang Mai International Airport & having greatly expanded my current World Souvenir Magnets Collection, I went back to meet Mom & Dad at NINETY-FOUR COFFEE Cafe, & that was when I met 2 really nice Mom & Daughter Australians who had been chatting with Mom & Dad.

I joined in their conversations chit-chating with one another – the Aussie Mom lives in Sunshine Coast, while her daughter is working in a Brisbane University, which the more made our conversations longer & interesting cos I was telling them my hubby Dear used to study in the University of Queensland in Brisbane, while I was from Deakin University, Geelong Victoria………..& that we (including Mom & Dad) used to travel alot to Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Cold Coast etc etc!! It was overall so much excitement bringing back much sweet Aussie memories :) )

And this Aussie Mom & daughter pair will also be taking the same flight to Singapore with us!! They’re actually on a 1 night 1 day Transit in Singapore, on their way back to Australia. And Aussie Mom was telling us they wana visit the Singapore Botanic Gardens the next day before their night flight back to Australia, & I was sharing with them which nearest train station to go to, & to take a bus to the Gardens etc.

And remembering the shopping areas inside Chiang Mai Airport Departure Lounge cos I was here last Dec, Mom, Dad & I soon parted with the Aussies Mom & daughter cos we wana check into the Thai immigrations earlier so that we can do some more last minute shopping before leaving Chiang Mai!!

Chiang Mai International Airport Shopping Arcade, North Thailand

We’re now walking towards the Chiang Mai International Airport Departure Lounge – eager for more shopping haha :

Chiang Mai International Airport Departure Lounge, North ThailandChiang Mai International Airport, North Thailand

But to my disappointment, nothing catches my eyes as I shop in the Departure Lounge :

Chiang Mai International Airport Departure Lounge, North Thailand

Mom, however, did buy a made-in-USA Handbag for herself from the below Thai Duty Free boutique inside the Departure Lounge :

Chiang Mai International Airport Duty Free Shopping, North ThailandChiang Mai International Airport Duty Free Shopping, North Thailand

Well, my brother is finally back here at the Airport, alone from his Central Airport Plaza trip (with our Thai friend).

And while waiting to board our flight in the Departure Lounge, this very cute active sociable dark-skinned dark curly haired 3-year old French Singaporean (& I believe of Thai mixture too) girl with her French parents, comes touching me & asking me lots of questions in English about my red fringe hair, & clipstick color, & showing me her toys & sweets etc etc.

Time passes fast as I’m entertaining this little cutie girl, & the time now is past 5.30pm - time for us to board our 6pm SilkAir flight MI705 home to Singapore.

Chiang Mai International Airport Departure LoungeChiang Mai International Airport Departure LoungeBoarding Time for MI705 at Chiang Mai International Airport, North ThailandChiang Mai International Airport Departure Lounge

 And here’s my SilkAir flight MI705 Boarding Pass :

Flight MI705 Boarding Pass

I’m now onboard MI705, seated here with baby Cowtie :

Baby Cowtie onboard MI705 in Chiang Mai International Airport

Cowtie was originally from Chiang Mai when I found him at a Flea Market, & brought him back home to Singapore with me & my hubby Dear. And I’ve brought him back here 6 days ago to visit his hometown, & now, he’s flying back to our home in Singapore with me again!!

La Gon, Laew Phob Gan Mai” (meaning “Goodbye, See You Again!!“) – Cowtie says in Thai as he bids farewell to his beloved hometown of Chiang Mai from our flight’s window :

Baby Cowtie Bidding Goodbye to Chiang Mai onboard M1705

For myself, this’s been a great 2nd Chiang Mai trip of mine – & it’s specially memorable cos Mom & Dad are with me this time round!!! And once again, I’ve gathered many fond & sweet memories of this wonderful trip to bring back home to Singapore to share with my hubby Dear!! Hmm…….I miss him so much so much & I can’t wait to see him again!!! 3 more hours!! Only 3 more hours to go & I’ll be able to see him again heheh!!  

Hooray Hooray our flight is now taking off & flying home to Singapore from Chiang Mai!!! Yippie Yippie I’m so happy so happy!!!

Below is a Slideshow of photos taken of the beautiful bird’s eye views of lovely Rose Capital of North Thailand – Chiang Mai :

Our In-flight dinner time – Mom’s Chicken with Fried Rice with baby Corns & Green Vegetables, Fruits & Orange Jucie Set : 

In-flight Dinner - Chicken with Fried Rice In-flight Dinner - Chicken with Fried Rice Set

And here’s my Stewed Beef with Mash Potatoes with steamed Broccoli & Carrots, with Fruits & Orange Juice Set :

In-flight Dinner - Stewed Beef with Mash Potatoes

Warm & yummy Stewed Beef & Mash Potatoes – simply delicious!!

In-flight Dinner - Stewed Beef with Mash Potatoes

And here’s our In-flight entertainment Mr Bean Cartoon Show which I think is the same show that was on during our flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai 6 days ago :

In-flight Entertainment - Mr Bean Cartoon Show

Well, Mom & I chatted on the plane, while trying to take a nap in-between, & at times, I tried snaping photos of the night sky from our flight’s window – but of course, my camera wasn’t good enough to capture anything out there haha!!

Finally, our plane landed in Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2 – WEW!! It’s so good to be back home!!!

The Singapore time now is almost 10 pm, which is one hour ahead of Chiang Mai time, which means we’ve to now wind back our watches 1 hour ahead. Immediately upon landing, I ring up my hubby Dear on my cell phone – heehee I know I’m not supposed to turn on my phone yet, but I miss his voice so much so much haha!!

Anyway, on our way out to the Singapore Immigration counters, we again meet the 2 Aussies Mom & daughter whom we met earlier in Chiang Mai International Airport!! We chatted again for a while – I asking them to have great fun in the Singapore Botanic Gardens & enjoy their one day & night in Singapore before their flight home to Australia tomorrow night!! Then we bidded farewell to one another & parted ways…..

Then I told Mom, Dad & my brother not to tell my hubby Dear that I’ve brought him so much Thai Goodies such like the Mango Sticky Rice desserts & Roast Pork!! The idea is to lie to him that I’ve never got any of these for him at all haha!! Naughty Naughty Me heheh!!

After stopping by the Singapore Duty Free Wine & Liquor shop to purchase some Wines & Beers, & picking up our Travelling luggages, & of course never forgetting our 2 Boxes of the Thai Mango Sticky Rice desserts, I’m now walking straight out of Singapore Changi Airport Arrival Hall!!! And hey, I already saw my charming hubby Dear waiting outside the Arrival Hall from afar earlier & we started waving excitedly at each other……now I’m nearing him as I’m walking towards him…………..

Hahah we’re finally back together again heheh…………& I can’t wait to tell my dear hubby all my travelling stories & the great many Cuisines I had during my trip!! And I’m so proud telling him that I’ve even been to Myanmar (Burma), making him so envious haha!!!

And of course I can’t bear lying to my hubby dearie about the Thai goodies any longer but blurt out the truth to him as we’re settling down at home making him gushing out in laughters & happiness hahaha!!!

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