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Let’s Shop Again for More Beijing Souvenirs at Yaxiu Market in China!!

Filed Under (Beijing, China, Cuisines, Shopping, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 30-05-2008

After leaving Hualiu Retail Store, our tour guide Wang Jing told us that we would be going to yet another Shopping Mall for more Shopping!!! And that we would have a total 2 hours fully to ourselves in the Mall!! WOW WOW I couldn’t help but felt so HAPPY & EXCITED then – MORE shopping, & for 2 long Hours!! Well, 2 hours was never enough cos I could usually shop up to a whole entire day, but then I nearly couldn’t believe it cos for the past few days, we’ve had not much shopping at all during our sightseeing, except a little here & there rushing in-between tours & meals! Thus to be able to have 2 entire hours of shopping was a greater than ever feeling then!!

On our way to our shopping destination in our Chinese Driver Sifu’s car, I was amazed by some of the really tall interesting buildings that we saw amdst the yet still misty gloomy sky! Especially the below L-shaped gigantic Building which was still in construction in the Central Business District (Chaoyang District), which upon my first sight, I kinda screamed to Dear telling him how dangerous & scary that Building looked cos it was L-shaped at the top!! Cos of my height phobia I really felt fear by just looking it!

However, I was really impressed by the really unique cool design & architecture of the L-shaped Building & I was really feeling very proud of China for having such magnificent building!! I later found out that this L-shaped Building was to be the new 51-storey China Central Television Headquater soon to be completed before the Olympics 2008! And funnily though pretty truly, this Building has been nicknamed “Twisted Donut” & “The Pants” by the Beijing locals – how cute ha?!! 

The following is a Slideshow of the photos I took of the Beijing Streets & Central Business District while travelling in Sifu’s car to our Shopping Destination!

We wasted no time but went straight into exploring the various parts of the 4-storey Shopping Mall (called Yaxiu Market) upon arrrival!

Located in Sanlitun Lu, Chaoyang District, near the Northeast Embassy Area, Yaxiu Market is considered Bejing’s Clothing Bazaar. It’s full of fake designer jeans, shoes & ladies wear, besides many souvenirs, electrical stuffs & others!!

Below is a Slideshow of some photos showing the interior 1st storey of Yaxiu Market where I bought the San Za (or Bing Tang Hu Lu) for my Mom & Dad cos Dear once got them some during his Beijing business trip & Mom & Dad really enjoyed eating them! I also got the packed Beijing Peking Ducks from here too - there were various types & I got the salesgirl to recommend me – they were sold in whole Ducks or Sliced deboned pieces (with sauce too!) & remembering how tasty the Shanghai Whole Salted Duck was (which Mom & Dad got me recently), I bought 2 packs of Whole Peking Ducks. And they were very heavy, if not I’d have got more cos Dear & I both just love Peking Duck!!

P/S : In the midst of my rushed shopping, I forgot to take photos of other parts/storeys of Yaxiu Market as I’d intended to!

WEW, we finally did complete our Shopping Spree on time within the 2 given hours & guess what, our 2 other tourmates & tour guide Wang Jing were still nowhere to be seen as we waited at the arranged meeting place!! Our tourmate Thai Auntie loves fake designer bags & she’d requested Wang Jing to bring her to buy & to help to bargain etc in the Yaxiu Market!!

Well, very funny encounters we had during our trip together - that Auntie was a real stingy woman (or guess she was not but just liked nothing else except Fake Designer Bags!!)….anway, Auntie pretty liked to brag & she never allowed her Singaporean hubby to buy anything without her permission!! And once, when I was purchasing some Souvenirs, Uncle also liked & bought a same Souvenir as me (the Crystal Olympics Bird Nest – his one & only Souvenir from Beijing!!) & well, Auntie happened to see & gave him her black face & started grumpling…….as usual…….AND you know how much that Bird Nest cost?!? 15 Yuans, Yes only 15 Yuans!! My goodness, well 15 Yuans to some may be alot, but 15 Yuans is equivalent to merely 3 Singapore dollars!! And Uncle really really liked it so much, cos I’d seen him eyeing it for a long time, holding it & exploring it!!! POOR POOR Uncle as Dear & I would sometimes gossip in our hotel room, & at times laughing cos Auntie was so funny yet we really pitied Uncle too……….come to think about it, if Uncle had bought the REAL edible Bird Nest I bet he’d be instantly KILLED by his wife haha!

But still, our 2 tourmates were pretty good mates with whom we enjoyed our tour. They were friendly, nice & pretty caring people, especially Uncle, & he loved to be near us whenever we were shopping, but Auntie would again……as usual……gave him Black Faces & pulled him aside…….well okie okie, enough about Auntie & Uncle heehee……let me get back to my Shopping Spree story here……..

Well, true enough, though rather satisfying, 2 hours of the shopping given by our tour guide Wang Jing was totally insufficient!! If only we had more time to spare……& we were like in SURVIVAL SHOPPING – cos we had to rush in our shopping, & in our selecting, & in our bargaining while keeping track of the time to make sure we did not overrun the 2-hour deadline given by Wang Jing! Haha it was really a survival battle, no wonder people always say, try not to go on packaged tour but free & easy!! Well, the next time I were to visit Beijing again, I’ll make sure it’s a FREE & EASY one so that I can do tons of Shopping to my heart’s delights!

Well, to our utmost delight, there was even a 2008 Beijing Olympics Souvenirs Store inside Yaxiu Market! And while waiting for Auntie, Uncle & Wang Jing, Dear suddenly asked me to help him take some photos of him with theh Fuwa! WOW Wow, what a surprise – it was the 2nd time Dear had asked me to take photos of him with the Fuwa – once earlier at the huge Olympics Souvenirs Store just before we came to Yaxiu Market, & now again here at Yaxiu Market! Dear really do adore the Fuwa greatly!! See not only girls or ladies like softtoys, men do too!!

Dear with Fuwa Huanhuan, Yingying & Nini.

Dear with Fuwa Beibei & Jingjing.

Heehee & of course it’s my turns with the Fuwa now!!

Me with Beibei, Jingjing, Huanhuan, Yingying & Nini – “Bei Jing Huan Ying Ni” – Welcome to Beijing!!

All in all, I was still very contented & had fun with the shopping in Yaxiu Market cos I managed to find more exquisite Sourvenir Magnets & Olympic Key Ring for myself, Bags & Costume Jewelries Jade Necklaces & Bracelet for my Mom & Sisters, Silk Pyjamas & Chinese Bamboo painted Combs for myself & Mom. And not forgetting I also bought the real beautiful Tiananmen Square replica & the lovely Oriental Doll which I absolutely love though how I wished I had more luggage space to carry a few more back home!!! Best of all, Dear managed to get his Chinese Warrior Chess – something which he’d always wanted to have but never seem to find the one he liked!

So actually I was pretty satisfied with all the Souvenirs & purchases we managed to get within that short 2 hours haha!! Well, I’ve put all the photos of the Souvenirs & purchases bought during this 2-hr Survival Shopping Spree in the following Slideshow, with an entirely unexpected Out of the World SUPERB Song Video :))

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