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Town of Tachileik

Filed Under (Cuisines, Myanmar, Shopping, Travelling, World Souvenirs) by Janet on 28-08-2008

I’m now seated inside the Burmese Tuk Tuk travelling to our last tourist attraction in the Town of Tachileik, Myanmar. Below is a Slideshow of photos of the Town of Tachileik taken from where I’m seated :

We arrive at a Burmese Jewelries & Souvenirs Boutique where there’re different kinds of jewelries such as the Blue Sapphires, Red Sapphires, Green Sapphires & many other colored gems. There’re also other local Burmese souvenirs such as scarves & wooden handicrafts etc.

We spend some time looking at the gems helping Mom to select her Blue or Green Sapphire Necklace, but they’re either too elaborate or not suitable for her. And I personally like Red Sapphires or Rubies but too bad the designs here are not what I like, besides Mom & Dad are hungry so we decide to make a fast move.

One tip for those who like Burmese gems & are thinking of buying some when in Burma or Thailand – always be brave to bargain on the prices. Well, cos the calling price of one of the Blue Sapphire Necklaces which Mom picks is originally 7 thousands bahts. But in the end the Boutique sales personnel is willing to let us have it for 3k! Well, I ask for 2k and she says no, no…..then she gives in a little & says 3k!! Wow, that’s more than half the original 7k price!!

Well, I’d some experiences in negotiating with the Thai vendor in Mae Sai last December when I bought my Red Rubies set…..& I know they really mark up their prices very high! So this time I’m really smart!! And I’m sure they’ll let us have it for 2k in the end, but cos the Necklace is really not too pretty for Mom, we decide not to take it at all.

Myanmar Jewelries Boutique

We’re now leaving the gems Boutique & taking our Tuk Tuks to go for lunch.

Burmese Noodle Shop

We soon arrive at the above Burmese Noodle Shop, which is very near the Myanmar Thailand border. And below photo shows one of our 3 Tuk Tuks which we rode on to tour around the town of Tachileik since we arrived in Myanmar this late morning.

Well, we all had a very wonderful time travelling in the Tuk Tuks. It was really comfortable & very windy during the rides, though sometimes sunglasses were needed cos the sandy particles from the dusty roads tend to get into our eyes as we rode on – but all in all, it was alot of fun & a very cool transportation!

Well, we thank the Tuk Tuk drivers & Dad pays for our whole tour of 900 bahts, giving the Tuk Tuk drivers an extra 100 bahts tip, which make them pretty happy! 

Burmese Tuk Tuk

Wow, the time now is about 2.15pm, & we’re all kinda starving as we step into the Burmese Noodle Shop :

Burmese Drinks

We immediately order 5 bowls of Noodle & Kway Teow Soups, specially requesting that the Soup be cooked real steaming hot!

Burmese Food Stall

Besides selling Noodles, this shop has got a variety of already cooked Burmese cuisines too, & they all look pretty yummy! Too bad we’re all tired & hungry that we forget to order some of the dishes to try, which we only realise later when we’re about to leave!!

Myanmar Delicacies

Thai & Burmese writings about the food on sales & their pricings on the wall inside the Shop :

Burmese & Thai Words

See the many varities of Burmese delicacies :

Burmese Cuisines

Wow, is that Burmese Curry Chicken below?! Hmm…..they all look kinda spicy & real delicious!!

Myanmar Cuisines

Some of these cuisines look like what we have in Singapore – Stewed 3-layer Pork (or Pork Belly) with Eggs, Fried Sunny-side-up Eggs & Fried Fish :

Burmese Food

The Burmese vendor preparing our noodles :

Burmese VendorMyanmar Vendor

And the younger Burmese is preparing our drinks :

Burmese Drinks Stall

Hey, there’re Burmese desserts too - looks like Yam in Coconut Milk!! Yummy Yummy!

Burmese Dessert

And this below looks like Sago with Sweet Potatoes in Coconut Milk!! Mmmm, we shall try them all after our noodles heheh!

Burmese Dessert

Myanmar Noodle Shop

After a while, we’re served the below saucers of salted Vegetable Pickles – I assume these are to be mixed with our Noodle Soups, or just eaten on its own :

Salted Vegetable Pickles

Here come our Thai friend’s Noodle with Fish Balls Soup :

Burmese Noodle Soup

And here below is my very own Burmese lunch - Kway Teow Fish Balls Soup with Coke – though it’s a Thai Coke & not Burmese as I’d hoped to see!

Wow!! the mild Soup base is really tasty, & very steaming hot too!! There’re diced Chinese Parsley, Minced Pork & even White Carrots (or White Raddish) in it! I’d already noticed that the Thai people like to use White Carrot as an ingredient in the dishes they cook, & now I see that the Burmese also do the same! And all the time I eat the Thai & now the Burmese cuisines, they all taste really good – guess it must be the White Carrots that make them so tasty ha!

My Burmese Lunch

A close-up view of my Kway Teow Fish Balls Soup – well, after eating the Fish Balls, I realise they’re pretty special & not entirely made up of Fish, but also mixed with Sotongs (Squids), making them really springy & yummy!

Burmese Kuay Teow Soup

See, my Kway Teow Fish mixed with Sotong Balls Soup is so delicious I finish eating everything, leaving behind a pretty much empty bowl :

Empty Burmese Bowl

Haha, you must be wondering why I take photos of my empty bowl?! Well, cos I like the round red & green logos with the Elphant & Tiger on it, & best of all, there’re Burmese wordings written on the logos heheh!!

Empty Burmese Bowl

Now, the Burmese vendor is scooping our Burmese Desserts – a mixture of the 2 types! 

Burmese Desserts

Our Burmese Desserts 2 mixed into 1 in each bowl – well, I don quite enjoy it after taking the 1st spoonful cos it’s neither just sweet nor salty, but a combination of both! Well, according to our Thai friend, that’s their Thai & Burmese way of balancing the 2 tastes! But I personally like it either way, & not in between!!

And yes, they’re Coconut Milk & those round transparent balls are Sagos, but the yellow pieces are not Sweet Potatoes as we’d guessed, but Jackfruits! And the light pale colored bigger soft pieces (which is mixed from the other dessert) are not Yams as we’d thought, but Bananas (which I later find out is the popular ”Mon Banana Pudding” or ”Kluai Buat Chi” in Thai – inspired by the Mon State in Myanmar). And all in all, I find the combination, plus its kinda little sweet yet salty flavour, rather strange tasting!!

Burmese DessertMyanmar Dessert

We’ve just finished our lunch & we plan to go shopping now!!

From just outside the Noodle Shop is the large Street Market of Tachileik, where there’re shops selling all kinds of Burmese handicrafts & goods & food.

Below show the many pretty handmade Burmese Straw Hats, & in this Stall I also see small Burmese Deer Horns on sales :

Burmese Straw Hats

Beautiful huge fresh Burmese Grapes (called “A-ngoon” in Thai) :

Beautiful Burmese Grapes

A Nutty Stall with all kinds of Burmese Nuts :

Burmese Nutty Stall

Close-up view of the many types of Nuts :

Burmese Nuts

Burmese Preserved Fruits :

Burmese Preserved FruitsBurmese Street Stall

A mobile Drinks stall :

Burmese Mobile Drinks Stall

Mom & Dad standing in the middle of the Tachileik Street Market :

Mom & Dad in Myanmar Street Market

Well, Mom & Dad decide to walk back to the Noodle Shop where we just had our lunch to take a rest inside there while our Thai friend, my brother & I go shopping in the Street Market!

Strolling in Tachileik Street Market

Soon after seeing Mom & Dad leave, I immediately start exploring the Tachileik Street Market on my own, leaving my brother & our Thai friend to go on their separate ways :

Shopping in Burmese Street Market

I soon see many beggars on the Street – see bottom right the small boy squating on the floor under the dark shadows of the tree – unfortunately I’d been adviced never to give anything, especially money, to the beggars unless I wana end up being mobbed by their whole gang :( (

Myanmar Market Street

Another mobile Street Vendor, which looks in pretty good business as there’re some Burmese locals waiting around to be served :

Burmese Market Street Vendor

A Nuts & Tit-bits stall – see its very big fat Chestnuts in the front :

Burmese Nuts Vendor

A pretty high-rise rather narrow building with balconies pearched on top of the ground level Street shop :

Burmese High Rise Housing

I soon stop by the below Burmese gem stall to look at its Red Rubies :

Burmese Red Rubies Stall

And I bought the following 2 sets of Burmese Red Rubies (Sapphires) with 14k gold - one for my 2nd twin sister who loves my Red Rubies Set I bought in Mae Sai last December. However, these ones are not as pretty as the ones I have from Mae Sai, & there’re no matching rings, but they’re the best I can find here in Myanmar so far : 

This below Set is for my sister :

Burmese Red Rubies

And here below are of brighter red color & they’re for myself :

Burmese Red Sapphires

After buying the Red Rubbies, I walk around the Street Market looking for Burmese Souvenir Magnets, & I’m glad I find these below Miniature Cultural Doll Souvenir Magnets – well, they look like the ones I bought from Chiang Mai 2 days ago, but to me, these are different cos they’re the Burmese ones from Myanmar :) )

Myanmar Doll Souvenir Magnets

My colorful Cultural Doll Souvenir Magnets – just look at the beautiful details of their cultural costumes & headdresses!

Myanmar Souvenir MagnetBurmese Doll Souvenir MagnetMiniature Doll Souvenir MagnetCultural Doll Souvenir Magnet

I’ve now come to one end of the Street Market where the Myanmar Thailand Border Bridge is just above, & I see there’re actually other streets to the Market!

And this part of the area seems more rowdy & dark & it suddenly dawns on me that this is Myanmar, Burma, Tachileik; the rough town where illegal Opium production & smuggling are still going around!! And I’m suddenly filled with a certain level of fear that I’d better be more extra careful since I’m all walking alone down here!!

And as I’ve no time to explore further, I make a u-turn back to where I came from.

Myanmar Bustling Street Market

Well, the Street Market consists of all kinds of shops selling Burmese crafts such as lacquer & wood carvings, brass artifacts, toys, electric goods, CDs & VCDs etc. And there’re many counterfeit goods such as handbags & clothings too! And there’re also vendors who walk around carrying & trying to sell their goods stored in big plastic containers with cloth handles slinged across their shoulders!

Burmese Immitation Goods

And I again see many poor beggars on the Street either walking around or squating on the floor begging for money :

Myanmar Beggars in Street Market

Below is a Burmese building with 2 dragons at the top – I find it really cool & unique!!

Burmese Dragons Roofed Building

I’m now walking back to the Burmese Noodle Shop where my Mom & Dad are resting & waiting :

Burmese Street Market

And along the way, I notice more side lanes leading from the main Street Market – too bad I’ve got no time to walk further!

Myanmar Street Market Lane

2 Burmese vendors seated & selling their goods on the floor – see the glistening yellow Thanaka powder on their faces :

Burmese Street Market Vendors

As I’ve taken more photos of the Street Market & its Burmese buildings, I’ve put them in the following Slideshow, inclusive of a Burmese Video which is made up of 5 Burmese Songs of which some of the tunes sound kinda familiar to me as if I’ve heard their Chinese or English versions before :

Now, I’ve just joined my Mom, Dad, brother & our Thai friend & we’ve decided to make our way back to Thailand.

We’re now walking back to the end of the busier Street Market where I’d walked to (by myself earlier on) so that we can climb up the stairs to the Bridge where the Myanmar Thailand Border is located.

And WOW, the sizable marketplace is now becoming more packed with locals & tourists – & I’m glad I get to see how the local Burmese people go about their daily lives!!

Over Crowded Burmese Street MarketBustling Burmese Street Market

We’re now up on the Bridge where the Myanmar immigration office (below) is - leaving the very bustling Burmese Street Market far below us :

Myanmar Immigration Office

The below photo shows the staircase leading to the below ground area where we took our Burmese Tuk Tuks at the beginning of our Myanmar tour when we first arrived here in the Town of Tachileik this morning :

Town of Tachileik

We’re now walking towards the Union of Myanmar Gate & just before we leave Myanmar, I ask to stop by the below Tachileik Intershop at the Golden Palace Plaza to have a last look at Burmese products :

Myanmar BorderMyanmar Tachileik Intershop Tachileik IntershopTachileik Liquor Shop

We’re now inside the Burmese Liquor Shop at the Golden Palace Plaza :

Myanmar Wine ShopBurmese Liquor ShopGerman Beer in Burma

And I bought 2 cans of German Light & Dark Beer – they’re so cheap cost only 65 bahts in total!!

German Beer from Myanmar

We’re now leaving the Golden Palace Plaza :

Golden Palace Plaza in Myanmar

My brother standing infront of the Union of Myanmar Gate :

Brother at Union of Myanmar Gate

Passing through the Union of Myanmar Gate, we’re now walking out of Myanmar towards Thailand :

Union of Myanmar Border

Well, I’m really glad we made it to Myanmar today & get to see quite alot of the Town of Tachileik & the culture & lifestyle of the Burmese people. In fact, my brother & I were almost here last December with my hubby when we visited Mae Sai with our Thai tour guide, but unfortunately we couldn’t cross over cos we left our passports in our Chiang Mai Hotel! And today, if it’s not for our Thai friend being with us, this trip to Myanmar would not be possible cos we’d be too scared & worried & not dare enter Myanmar all alone!!

Union of Myanmar Gate

We’re now a little away from Myanmar & almost reaching Thailand now – walking half way on the “No Man’s Land” on the Myanmar Thailand border Bridge where only the Myanmar Flags can be seen on the railings of this half side of the Bridge :

Myanmar Border

See the below left side of the Bridge where the Thailand Flags are, beside the Myanmar Flags towards the right - as you can see, we’re but only tens of steps away from Thailand across the Bridge on No Man’s Land!!

No Man\'s Land on Myanmar Thailand Border

Well, we shall see you soon in Thailand! See ya later!!

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